Act: John Dexter Jones & JUMP and The Katie Buckhaven Band

A Night of Two Halves
Date: Sat 12 Sep 2015, 8:00pm
Public Price: £15
Venue: Jim Marshall Auditorium
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John Dexter Jones & JUMP and The Katie Buckhaven Band A Night of Two Halves
This joint venture, the brainchild of great friends promises to be a very special night. The evening will be divided into two, with both bands showcasing a full set of material.

John and the members of JUMP are no strangers to The Stables. Over the years at the venue they have opened a variety of shows for artists as diverse as The Blockheads, Aynsley Lister, The Spin Doctors and Midge Ure and most recently proved a huge hit providing an acoustic support to progressive rock supergroup, Lifesigns. It was back in 1990 that the band began life in High Wycombe with an ambition to 'do some decent gigs' and since then have played in excess of 1000 gigs including tours with some top names - Marillion and their former frontman Fish to name but two.

A band that defies easy classification, JUMP inhabit a world where rock, prog, folk and the blues all live together in happy union. Fronted by wordsmith and storyteller John Dexter Jones (twice winner of The Classic Rock Society's Best Male Vocalist award) and propelled by twin guitars, celebrating 14 albums and 25 years, JUMP's live show is an experience not to be missed.

Over recent years, JUMP and Katie have crossed paths on many occasions, each supporting the other whenever the occasion has demanded. It was a natural progression when the opportunity arose, to share the full range of their talents. This is that gig.

Katie, too has a rich history at The Stables. Her music is an evocative blend of the traditional and the contemporary. She honed her style playing in bars and clubs across France and Spain, soaking up the warmth and passion of the traditional music she found there. Her unique and free style blends these influences together with the country, folk and rock music she grew up listening to.

Her debut album was picked up by Radio 2 and received a 4 star review from The Guardian. Her voice is breathtaking, fragile and haunting. The Mail on Sunday called it "outstanding" and Lemonrock described her vocals as going “straight to the core of your very being like the bitter sweet ecstasy of a lost love”. But most importantly for those who return to see her time and again, she possesses the ability to leave an audience completely spellbound and hushed by the power of her elegant, enchanting and emotional live performances.
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