Act: Maxi Jazz & the E-Type Boys

Date: Thu 8 Jun 2017, 8:00pm
Public Price: £20
Venue: Jim Marshall Auditorium
A handling charge of £2.80 applies to all bookings. Online bookings are also subject to a £1.80 per ticket processing fee.
Maxi Jazz & the E-Type Boys
What do you do if you’ve spent the thick end of 20 years touring the globe, forging a reputation with Faithless electronic wizards and festival favourites? If you’re Maxi Jazz, it’s simple; form a guitar band.

The E-Type Boys could as well have been named the Mothers of Re-Invention! All of Maxi’s influences weave through the music, dubby baselines adding Jamaican melody to bluesy guitar lines and smooth, heartfelt vocals.

Maxi has received many plaudits for his highly poetic lyrical style and this is, again, plainly evident in his latest body of work.

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